If you did not receive an order confirmation from us:

- If you not have received an order confirmation email the same day you ordered your goods with us, so be sure to check your email spam folder, because sometimes our order confirmation may end up there (due to your own computer's security settings).

If you can't find your order confirmation, always write to us at [email protected]

How long will it take for my package to arrive after I order it? And what does it mean with goods in backorder for my delivery:

- We are determined to deliver your package within 2 to 3 business days. Please note that your package will be shipped from another EU country.

The shipment typically takes 2 - 3 business days for delivery in Denmark, when the item is in stock with us, the item is in backorder you can often order the item even if sold out and we will ship when we have it in stock again.

During busy periods where peak times may occur, such as Christmas, Easter, national holidays and the like, you should naturally expect slightly longer delivery times.

If you have not received your package:

- If you not After receiving your order within 7 business days after receiving your order confirmation (which you will receive via email), please contact our customer service at [email protected]

If you receive a package of incorrect content:

- If you receive a package with incorrect content in relation to your order, please contact our customer service at [email protected] as quickly as possible.

We provide you with all the relevant order information from there and tell you what you need to do to solve the problem quickly and easily.

Who do you contact if you have ordered the wrong items:

- If you find out that you have ordered the wrong items and want to change your order, write to us as soon as possible at [email protected] If your package has not already been shipped, we will probably help you change your order directly before it is finally confirmed and shipped.

Where to find your Track Number:

- You will receive a "Now your package has been sent" email from us as soon as your package has been sent and then you will receive an email from the UPS carrier with your package's Track and Trace number, expected delivery time and link to track your package on the way to Denmark.  

Always remember to check if you have received a "Now your package has been sent" email from us. Remember to look in your spam folder, as this type of email can sometimes end up there by mistake.

You can decide for yourself which local parcel shop to send your parcel to:

- Pt. we will either deliver directly to your home, or to the nearest local collection point if the UPS does not pick you up at home.

Do you also have to pay customs duties and taxes:

- No, fortunately. We send your order from our warehouse and e-commerce fulfillment center in Poland - that is within EU borders. That's why you should not pay no duty or other charges to receive your parcel in Denmark.

What steps to go through when you first order:

- If you use MobilePay, then your order will always be easy and fast. However, if you use VISA or MasterCard the first time you order products from us, it can be a bit cumbersome, because legal requirements mean that the first time you pay online, you must also use your NEM ID in connection with ordering, and in the future. you will then receive an SMS text message with a code from NETS, in connection with any attempt to purchase with your payment card.

Read more under ours Terms and Conditions - "Secure online shopping". But luckily this is only the first time you have to go through these necessary safety steps. Contact our customer service [email protected], if you want help ordering with VISA or MasterCard for the first time

How to return your ordered goods:

- Read ours Terms and Conditions, because there you can read how to properly return (possibly defective) goods that you have ordered. Always contact our customer service at [email protected] , if you would like further assistance in returning your ordered items.

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