Pamper your body - with herbs and plant-based body care 


Care for the body - For your well-being and quality of life

Cannabis oil and plant-based vitamins for your well-being and quality of life

Welcome to Oils by Simpson. We sell delicious organic plant-based body care products for your well-being and quality of life.

Pamper your body both externally and internally with cannabis CBD oil and vitamins and minerals from plants, all of the finest quality. Our products are always organic and fully quality-tested with analyses.

Because we were the first in Denmark (since 2012) to focus on cannabis, we have a large and broad knowledge of the effect of cannabis oil, which users benefit from on a daily basis.

Knowledge sharing

Because Oils by Simpson started as a small grassroots movement, we have a tradition of making the most of direct contact with users. We learn every day from their precious experiences with cannabis CBD oil so that we can pass these on to others - for example you.

For you in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway, we have a very large Facebook group about Cannabis CBD oil and Recovery (22.000+ members), where everyone is welcome to discuss cannabis CBD oil from us. In this well-attended forum, we give good advice to each other and support each other, with valuable experience.

The store

In our shop we only have organic cannabis cbd oil, which we know for sure has a good effect. We have a wide range - everything from oils and crystals to oil in capsules, creams and ointments for the body, chewing gum and suppositories. If you are in doubt about what will suit you best, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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